Ervamatin Skin Clear

Ervamatin Skin Clear is a gel which contains active ingredients to control excess sebum of acne skin with healing and protecting properties. The natural formula helps to reduce the inflammation and to dry the pimples out.
Products specifications
Manufacturer Opibra
Package 100 Ml
Weight 0.200 Kg

Introduction                                                                   VIEDO 

Ervamatin Skin Clear is a gel that is manufactured using active ingredients and help in control excessive sebum on acne prone skin. What sets this skin clear gel apart from other skin gels is that it has a cent percent natural formula, with healing and protecting properties. This ensures that there are no side effects of any kind. It not only lessens the inflammation but also helps in drying out the pimples, all thanks to the active ingredient ?hamamelis? which has astringent properties. Ervamatin Skin Clear also offers biological protection against bacteria as its pH levels is same as that of the skin, thereby reducing acne and blackhead growth. Gradually, with regular use, this clear gel will give a softer appearance to your skin. Once you have cleaned your face with a mild Soap, apply the Ervamatin Skin Clear only on those areas of your face affected by pimples and blackheads. For best result, you must use this product once in the morning and then at night before sleeping, on your face and neck area. Even if you spend a quite some time out in the sun you need not worry as the product is perfectly fine to use even when going outdoors.

Cleanser Essentials

After cleaning the skin with Face wash lotus, the Skin Clear should be applied to the areas affected by pimples and blackheads. The active ingredient of hamamelis has astringent properties and relieves inflammation.

The product must be used twice a day, in the morning and at night. There is no problem in sun exposure using the product.



Ervamatin Skin Clear / Treatment

Ervamatin sikn clear must be used on a clean dry skin especially on the areas affected by acne and pimples. The affected areas are usually the face, body, neck and back and the gel is to be used for 3 to 4 times a day on the areas affected by acne.

Within a few days of using the product the individual will begin to notice the difference. The Ervamatin Skin Clear acts on the inflammation process, attacking the bacteria and controlling the oily secretion thus closing the pores and promoting a regeneration of the damaged skin.

Ervamatin sikn can be used during the day, and users can expose themselves to sunlight without any reservations.


Ervamatin Skin Clear / Manifestations

The disease manifests itself mainly on the face and body especially in areas with lots sebaceous glandules. The symptoms vary from person to person but in most of the cases it varies from low to medium intensity. In some cases, it can be very intense, like the conglobata acne and queloideano acne (the acne that turns into a scar after the healing of the inflammation)

Clinically acne can be divided in four stages:

  • First: Only blackheads, without inflamed lesions (pimples)
  • Second: Little blackheads and pimples, with little inflamed lesions and little yellow spots of pus.
  • Third: Blackheads. These are small pimples from small to medium in size, and are much deeper and painful causing redness with inflamed lesions.
  • Fourth: Blackheads, pimples and big lesions that are inflamed with an ugly feature.

Acne must be treated during its initial stages in order to avoid scars on the skin thus avoiding emotional disturbances to the individual. This is especially true in young people whose self-esteem is assailed by Acne.

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Ervamatin Skin Clear / Testimonies

Testimony No. 1

"I have always had a lot of pimples on my face and my skin too used to be oily. Despite washing my face regularly and trying a whole lot of medication my pimples, it would not go away. Then my friend told me to try the Skin Clear, the new anti-acne gel made by OPIBRA. I already knew about the company due to other reputed products like the Skin Sope and Ervamatin being manufactured by them. Today I have a clear skin and all my friends compliment me for my looks. I think back and see how much I was affected by this problem of pimples and I am sure I will never have to go through that again. I know about the Skin Clear Anti Acne now!!"

P.M.F. - SP


Testimony No. 2

"I began to loose my confidence as I used to think that I was ugly because of the pimples I had on my face. I have always had a lot of pimples, but at the end of last year it got worse. I talked to a friend of mine who is employed with a pharmaceutical company and he recommended that I try the Ervamatin sikn from OPIBRA. I purchased the product from and I have not regretted my decision since. I am extremely happy with the new clear look that I have got!!"

M.K.O. - RS

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