Kindai Kagaku Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

Kindai Kagaku Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is affiliated with Kindai Kagaku K. K. Japan, which was set up more than sixty years ago and has gained a wide reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality cosmetic products. Our global philosophy is that one must not make too fine a distinction between the provision of a product and the provision of a service. As a result, we endeavor to provide a service to society through our products. This approach has had a tremendously positive response from the public and consequently, Kindai Kagaku has grown in stature and strength globally and has expanded rapidly, and currently operates in Sri Lanka.

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Dreamron Henna (Hair Dye)

Dreamron Henna comes from the dried leaves of Indian Henna Shrubs and gives a long-lasting natural black shade to your hair. It is manufactured to the highest Japanese standard of quality and gives maximum safety for your scalp.
$12.94 $7.77

Semi-Permanent Eco Hair Color

Dreamron Semi-Permanent Eco Hair Color is the newest innovation that is specially formulated for people who are allergic to normal oxidative hair colorants which contain PPD & Ammonia. This is a gentle blend of unique herbal powders with HC colorants. It gives your graying hair a natural dark brown color which is very similar to black, leaving them looking younger & healthier.
$32.36 $25.88