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Mississauga– A young man from Mississauga was doing normal at U of T, but feeling stressed out and tired. He had to sleep sometimes 12 hours in order to catch up with the work load. He had to take a nap when coming home from school because of fatigue. But using the Sagee for one course of three months, he is now feeling fresh and healthy, no need to over sleep, no need for a nap. He takes more initiatives in studies and found school studies more fun and rewarding. He plans to continue using it until he finishes school.

Mississauga– A man in his seventies in the Dundas/Confederation area was suffering from shaking hands and walking difficulties and memory deterioration, by using Sagee for half a year, his shaking of the hands completely stopped, his walking is stable and memory improved.

Mississauga– A Mississauga lady in her seventies suffered insomnia for about 20 years. She would normally sleep very lightly for about one to two hours a night with fatigue and dizziness in the day time. After using Sagee for one course of treatment, she started to feel sleepy around 9:30 pm and she could start to get prepared for sleep and get into deep sleep around 11:00 pm. She could sleep deeply into 3-4:00 am in the morning, about 4 to 5 hours of deep sleep. Her fatigue and dizziness disappeared as well.

Etobicoke– A three year old boy was diagnosed with autism. He does not talk and does not socialize with other kids in the kindergarten. After taking Sagee for a few months, he started to pronounce words properly and his kindergarten teacher said he mingled with other kids very well. At the same time, he started to eat things that he would never eat before and started to drink juices that he would never drink before. His immune system seems to have improved a lot. After another three months, his language ability improved to being able to make complete simple sentences such as “I want milk.” etc. He is still a little bit behind compared to normal kids at this stage, but hopefully he will catch up with other kids completely by primary school time.

Shashi, Hubei— An old man in his seventies suffered stroke and and not talk. His way of communicating would be squeezing his hand or make other gestures. After using Sagee for a few months, he started to talk and his walking steps become more stable.

Toronto– A Toronto couple both suffered mood swings and fatigue. They fought with each other all the time. By taking the Sagee for a few months, they become more relaxed. Their fatigue is also gone. They become so happy that they plan travels together and are enjoying life a lot better now.

My teen daughter started having seizures in early 2011 and was eventually put on medication to help her with the seizures. Her seizures were increasing and were also becoming intense. She was having seizure attacks every week, sometimes twice a week. Her prescribed medication worked for her but had side effects. She lost some weight. So I was worried and looked for alternatives. In Octo. 2011, I picked up a natural health magazine from Richter’s Herbs in Goodwood. As I read through, I came across Sagee for brain supplement advertisement and called them immediately. I bought a few bottles to try and see if it would work for her. I had amazing results. She took 3 capsules before meals twice a day. Since then to date, eleven months, she has not had any seizures at all. She has been off the medication since the beginning of 2012. She now reminds me when she runs out of Sagee. She stopped being grumpy and tired. Her concentration and attention has greatly improved.

Toronto– I myself, my husband and my 16 year old son have used Sagee for 6 months now. We found a great relief in concentration, hypertension, and ability to think. Myself and my husband ages 47 and 48 respectively also found great results in concentration and energy level. I would say we all are more emotionally stablized.

Hong Kong– A 90 year old man from Hong Kong has recovered from shaking after taking Sagee for two treatment.

Toronto– A nine year old autisitic boy, after using Sagee for two months, parents see four areas of improvement: 1. Communication—intelligibility of speech is improving. Now asking “Why” nd “how” questions. 2. More focused— pays attention at longer span of time, especially doing math work. 3. Enjoys academic work (even at school according to what the teacher says) and initiate reading in classroom.

Vancouver— A five year old child from Vancouver, after using Sagee for one course period of three months, has acquired lots more vocabulary. She can now using complete sentences to talk with people, instead of fragments. She is also more active and initiates talking with people. Her parents are hoping to be able to avoid sending the child to special needs class.

Toronto —At the age 82,My mother had completely stopped walking two and a half years ago because of a series of falls that she had when she tried to walk. She was only moving inches at a time then. She had been bed-ridden for more than two years and her condition was deteriorating until half a year ago I was introduced to Sagee by my Chinese doctor. After three months on Sagee, my mother got out of bed and started to walk again, although slowly. I was happy and concerned for her at the same time. I am happy for her and for myself because she was walking again. At the same time I was worried that she might get into those days when she had all the falls and accidents. But I was hopeful that she might even get better. So I continued on Sagee. Another three months later now, one miracle seemed to have happened. She asked whether she could try to go down to the basement to join her husband with more than twenty steps down. She actually managed to walk down the stairs. She spent a few hours in the basement with my Dad. By the time she was supposed to come upstairs, her caregiver came and we were talking about having to carry her upstairs. But her caregiver suggested that we would let her try to come upstairs by herself. I was amazed by how she managed to walk up stairs, a few steps at a time. She did not even have to join steps on each step as I expected. She actually walked step by step without having to join the steps together. Now she is about 85 five years old. Her behavior still has a little bit of dementia and schizophrenic mood swings. But she is doing a lot more things that she has not been doing for a few years, such as counting up to ten etc. She is now able to walk around in the house and sometimes going out to the front porch. Instead of getting worse as we feared and saw before, she is now actually getting better and better. I am getting my Mom back.

Toronto– I myself, my husband and my 16 year old son have used Sagee for 6 months now. We found a great relief in concentration, hypertension, and ability to think. Myself and my husband ages 47 and 48 respectively also found great results in concentration and energy level. I would say we all are more emotionally stablized.

Cambridge– A man from Cambridge ontario lost his job that he worked on for 31 years. Sagee brought him back to a better new job without getting into a vicious cycle of emotional upheavals after using the Sagee for a few months.

Toronto– My nine year old boy was having difficulty talking, not being able to communicate in normal sentences. He could try to put three four words together, but not able to make complete sentences. After taking Sagee for about one year, I am dealing with another problem that Sagee brings— he is talking too much. He is talking with more than 100 words in one breath. I found this problem easier to manage than his not talking. But I am continuing on his Sagee capsules, hoping that Sagee will normalize his talking. I am applying to move him out of the special class for autistic kids, hopefully he can go to the normal schools.

An 80 year old man from Beijing was experiencing dramtic memory loss. It so happened that he was not able to find his way home when he was taking a walk in the morning. It took him 6 hours to finally got home safely. His children got scared and started him on Sagee from May 2011. By October his children observed significant improvement in him memory. His eye contact communication showed a lot of alertness. He has much better body language and and is in good spirit. His voice has become very firm and resonant. His children are all very happy and ready to continue to give him Sagee to maintain his health.

A four year old boy from Vaughan, ontario, is going to a normal school by the age of six years old after using the Sagee for two years. His communications skills are much better and his social ability improved to the level of a normal kid. So instead of sitting on the computer for many hours in a row playing his favorite computer games, he is now ready to take on the new world as a normal child would and have a normal life. He is still continuing taking the Sagee.

Blenheim, Ontario– A 31 year old man with Schizophrenia took Sagee for one treatment course of three months and has noticed improvement in language communication, better concentration, and much less hallucination. He also noticed that he is emotionally more stable and more calm.

Richmond, BC— Helen in her seventies suffered a minor stroke and her head and legs started shaking and a persistent headache and imbalance in walking give her life an annoying downturn. By using Sagee for two treatments, all the symptoms have disappeared. She has been using 8 capsules a day. Right now she is on a maintenance dosage of taking 4 capsules a day.

Toronto– An eighty year old lady experienced no jetlag problem after 9 hours of flight to Finland after taking 6 capsules of the Sagee a day. Because of the aging process, this trip is deemed the last trip for her to go back to visit her relatives in Finland from Toronto. Her daughter was very apprehensive of the trip with regards to the health challenges her Mom had, including constant diahrea for a couple of months and joint pains, just to name a few. But the trip, totaling 28 days, proved to be highly enjoyable and fruitful, instead of sounding like a final farewell to everybody. In her high spirit, she seems to want to come back for more trips afterwards. Sagee brought her good sleep, good energy, good spirit, and good memory.

A taxi driver used to dose off while driving a taxi, and have to pull aside numerous times a day to take a break. It is very hard for him to get out of bed in the morning and had to sit up for half an hour before he can start to feel OK to start the day. By taking Sagee for three months, he is now only getting to feel tired about 4-5 o’clock. His fatigue has improved and is having a much better relationship with his wife who used to complain a lot about him.

Barrie– With regard to my four year old son, he was diagnosed with moderate autism and have only been verbal to the extent of making select sounds. After using Sagee for 30 days, he clearly said his first word in life “More” when he was asking for more juice. We are so proud of him. We also have noticed that he has made improvements in eye contact and listening ability. —Shakeel’s Dad Faraz

Toronto–Mohammed had been studying to be a lawyer for more than 4 years and failed a couple of exams in the pursuit of the qualifications. He was thinking of giving up on it and started to look for alternative career. So he started a business in running health rehab centres with other partners. While he was looking for the right health products for his clients, he came across Sagee and decided that he would try it himself. After three months of taking it, his confidence returns and he felt better concentration, better energy and better will power. So he continued to taking the Sagee and half a year later, he passed his law exams and is now getting ready to practice law.

Toronto — A Toronto young lady in her twenties suffered from twitching sensation all over her body and was tentatively diagnosed with MS. She was very much worried about it. After using Sagee for two and half a months, shy of finishing the first treatment of six bottles, her twitching in the body is gone. The MS clinic declared that she does not have MS anymore. The lady could not believe it and thought it was too good to be true. She was overjoyed to know that all her worries were gone and now she is getting ready to have more babies in addition to the one she has now.

Hamilton—- A Hamilton young man in his twenties suffered anxiety and confusion and dropped out of university and is confused about life in general because of family break up and other traumas in life. After using Sagee for one treatment and our TCM treatment, he is now dealing with life with more calm and more understanding and is more normal in behaviour. He is now even helping his brother in dealing with his emotional challenges.

Mr. Troy Cory, an American folk song singer who is well-known throughout the international music world, suffered from insomnia and amnesiaa few years ago. He often forgot the words to the songs, and also lost joy he had in singing. This illness made him unable to continue his stage career, and his fans were anxious to look for a doctor to help him. Through the introduction of one of his friends, Cory excitedly accepted the Sagee capsule. He never thought that during the first night after he took Sagee capsule, he had a sound sleep for 12 hours. The insomnia pains had accompanied with him will never annoy him any more. He continued to take Sagee, and after one month, people again listened to his moving songs, and saw his performance on the stage. Cory said excitedly: Sagee is so miraculous! I thank very much for the help of Sagee. I will let my American friends know about the miracles Sagee has created.

My father is 95 years old this year. In 2000, my father was diagnosed with senile dementia caused by brain atrophyand benign tumor in the brain. By the year 2002, it developed into language difficculty and slowed down reaction. He completely lost his control of urine and feces, he would do it anywhere any time. A lot of times he would unconsciously drag it in his feet all over the house. In our big family, we have 6 medical doctors, including my father himself. They are all medical doctors. My uncle, aunt, brother, sister-in-law are all grauates of Beijing and Tianjin Medical Universtity. They are in Chicago and Pensylvania practising and doing research on medicine respectively. None of them believed in Chinese medicine. In 2003, in desperation, my uncle bought two bottles of Sagee to try on my father. We started with no expectations as most people, but it turned out that Sagee actually worked very well with my father. My father only takes two capsules a day, which is the half dosage of the recommended dosage; and the first day he expressed his urge to piss, his control of urine and feces significantly improved. Soon after he started to write simple daily Chinese characters and English letters, and started to read newspapers and headline, recognizing time in the clock and started to talk in simple language with nanny. He started to eat by himself. He would be able to cooperate in putting on clothes and in brushing teeth and bathing. He started to have interest in cartoons, circus, Pilgrimmage to the West. His intelligence is recovered to the level of 2-3 year old kids. This has significantly reduced the burden to the family. A few days of forgetting to take Sagee, he would have problems again with urine and feces. Facing these facts, we have to admit to the benefitial results of Sagee. We started by sending to China from USA by my brother and now I bring Sagee to China from Toronto. So far we have used for six years. Right now, my father is six years older since he started to use Sagee. His language ability is deteriorating; his motion is getting even slower, but he is still able to control his urine and feces and bath with the help of Sagee. We feel lucky and happy that he is doing great copmpared to other people in his situation. We do not need to expect that he would be able to sneak out and take a taxi and make a visit to his childhood favourite place as he did after taking Sagee, which actually scared us, because we do not want to lose track of where to find him. We thank Sagee for keeping us in his memory which means a lot to us.

Mississauga — Daniel, an eight year old asian boy with a slight attention deficiency improved his scores on report card from all “C”s and “B”s to all “B”s and “A”s within half a year of taking Sagee. From No “A”s to 7 “A”s in half a year is a significant improvement. He is encouraged to get ten “A”s and with two of the “A”s being “A+” in the next report card. Most of his other behaviour categories also improved from S-Satisfactory to G-Good. He takes two capsules of the Sagee and two capsules of the Omega-3 once a day before breakfast.

Auburn Ontario—- A gentlement from Auburn Ontario recovered from a twenty sickness of brain fog and chronic fatigue, emerging from twenty years of financial struggles and health problems as a result of bankruptcy in business. he is now working part time and is looking forward to go back to the industry in which his business went down twenty years ago with around 100 employees. He saw these changes after one course of treatment of six bottles.

Toronto— I was suffering from schizophrenia after years of smoking marijuana. I discovered Sagee and have been using it for a few weeks now. I definitely feel improvement in my overall mental and physical health. I sleep more well and wake up feeling more rested. I also have more energy throughout the day. I have also noticed improvement in my vision without my glasses. It’s still early in my treatment but I have a very positive outlook for it and I am a believer in the product Sagee.

Toronto—I was suffering from Chronic Fatigue, dizzy spells, tennis elbow syndrome, kidney pains, and a few other ailments; all of which Henry has helped a lot with his herbs and his EPFX tool. I am very pleased with the result, after only 2 or 3 visits. I will continue to come to him for maintenance and other tweaking and fine tuning of my body. Also I do want to mention that it’s been my blessing and good fortune to have discovered Sagee Canada Wellness. I have also spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on other practices to find a cure for my problems, such as Homeopathic, Naturopathic,vitamin mineral drip therapy, Hypnosis , etc , all of which got no where. My symptoms were still there after those treatments.

Beijing—-In the last two years, his intelligence level deteriorated, especially after 2000, he got lost twice; the first time he was lost for five hours; the other time he went out for early morning exercise and did not return for three hours. Doctors diagnosed him as having early stage Alzheimer disease. After taking Sagee, he has improved a lot. Now he can take care of himself. His energy level is higher and his communication with other people shows clearer thinking. The other thing that we noticed after taking Sagee is that he is no longer irritable as he used to be. The third improvement we noticed is that he is more of a “good boy”. So we think that Sagee helped delay the aging process, especially the aging in the brain. Sagee is bringing fortune to mankind.

Beijing, China—-Famous scholar Mr. Yu Jianli said, before taking Sagee, my eyes could hardly see anything because of the optic atrophy, my doctor said it is impossible to get better unless miracle happens. After taking Sagee for three months, my eyes start to see things, and have improved a lot. This is really amazing.

Beijing,—- My daughter Jin Ting’s intelligence level is low. She was diagnosed with serious autism. She was not willing to talk to people. She did not even want to talk to parents. She did not want to go out playing with other kids. She locked herself up at home. Since taking Sagee, I noticed dramatic changes in her mood. She is much happier and plays with other kids, plays cards, and plays chess, and goes to the super market to make her own selection. She even went to her home town with her nanny and had a good time. We had never expected such great Right now, she has stopped taking medications and has been taking Sagee. Her life went back to normal

Beijing—The famous performer Mr. Wang Tiecheng has a son Wang Weiping with congenital idiocy. He could not take care of himself for a long time. After taking Sagee, now he has made great progress in his mental capacity. He can now play piano, and accompany Beijing Opera musically. He learned to play Majiang. He can even drive a car to go shopping. His intelligence reached the level of normal people. This is another miracle that Sagee created. Now he can think of step one, of step two and step three in planning things. This is a big progress. So sometimes we joke with him and say: “You pretend to be silly.” He would talk back and say: “You know everything, you pretend to be silly.” Now we always have coca cola in our fridge because he goes out to buy himself. He drives with two hands, but in turning, he uses one hand, it was scary for me to sit beside him. My neighbor saw him driving and commented that he was driving professionally. I think that his thinking is reaching the level of normal people.

Beijing— Four year old Niuniu has congenital brain condition. He could neither walk nor talk. After taking Sagee for one treatment, things start to change dramatically. He can not only walk by himself, but also express himself in simple words. He can now read word by word the Chinese ancient poetry and learned to play games on computer. His mother said, in the past, when you teach him something, he would know in his mind, but he had a hard time expressing himself. He would express himself in facial expressions or action. After taking Sagee, his progress is surprising. His walking becomes steady. He can now live a normal life with us. Now he can express everything in language. Sometimes he would even talk a lot, and uses adjectives, expressing himself very clearly. He can now read a whole cartoon book, reading aloud the words that he knows. He first learned to play computer games for kids from 2 to 5. Now he can play computer games designed for kids 5 to 8 years old. In the game, he can recognize all the colors and change them back into the original color. He is now studying the textbooks for grade 1 in language and math. He can learn by himself with no obstacles. Niuniu reads from the ancient peotry: “In order to look farther in the distance, you have to step up another floor.”

Toronto— A man, about 40 years old, a computer software developer, who was not getting deep sleep and experiencing tightness and weakness in bicep and neck, soreness in tongue, tightness/pain in both shins, tightness/trembling in right forearm, after taking Sagee for a few weeks, all of the above symptoms disappeared.

Brampton—- A lady who lost hearing in her left ear, with ringing in the ear and dizziness, used Sagee for one treatment of six bottles. Her problems went away. She could hear everything and her ring in the ear is gone and her dizziness disappeared. But she was not sure whether it is because of Sagee or because she just happen to get better somehow. So she decided to test it out by not continuing to use more Sagee and see how it goes. After a couple of months without Sagee, her problems starts to creep in again. Now she understands that it must be Sagee that has helped and she decided to take some more Sagee to consolidate the result so that she will have long term recovery.

Toronto—- A 17 year old boy reduced his epilepsy attack by 80 percent after taking Sagee for three months. Beforetaking Sagee, he experience epileptic attack every night. It sometimes comes in a cluster of 5 or six times a night. He had to sleep in the same bed with parents. Since taking Sagee, he can now independently sleep in his own bed and his epileptic attacks only comes once in a while. Some times he does not have an attack in a couple of months.

Toronto — A lady, Ann, 84 years old, whose vision nerves withered so that both her eyes suffered blindness for half a year, after taking Sagee for one week, her left eye started to see glowing light; three weeks later, she could see the cross of the church; six weeks later, she could recognize and differentiate Canadian currency.

Toronto— I was suffering from schizophrenia after years of smoking marijuana. I discovered Sagee and have been using it for a few weeks now. I definitely feel improvement in my overall mental and physical health. I sleep more well and wake up feeling more rested. I also have more energy throughout the day. I have also noticed improvement in my vision without my glasses. It’s still early in my treatment but I have a very positive outlook for it and I am a believer in the product Sagee.

Waterloo– A student from University of Waterloo: After months of constant pain in the eyes, and image dilation de to drinking in the past, Sagee helped cure both of there problems and now i am able to study, exercise and think better. This is only after a month of Sagee.
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