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Life-giving oil a total cure for many ailments
The four cauldrons filled with a blackish colour liquid boil under a moderate heat on hearths especially built for the process. The room, filled with the aroma of fresh herbs, 'manufactures' an aged-old secret formula to cure many ailments.

An elderly worker wearing a mask packets small tablets while engaging in mixing the boiling liquid and taking out tar like residues stocked in these huge steel pots. The humble oil based 'Pranajeewa Thailaya' (life-giving oil) is not as 'humble' as many other ayurvedic tonics or kasaya. It has miraculous values and proved practically that it can cure some serious ailments.

Until Dr. Ven. Waga Gnanaloka thera opened the doors to the world, the wondrous curative ability of the secret formula, passed down from generation to generation 'silently' proving its efficacy, never gained much publicity. With no intention to earn 'fast bucks', like many other native doctors, the 84-year-old monk, who did a great service to villagers, and who passed away last year cured hundreds of patients, who could ill afford to pay, free-of-charge. The value of the oil was spread by word of mouth and patients from distant villages as well as from the city travel to Batalanda seeking treatment.

The miraculous values of pranajeewa was doubled due to its ability to 'by-pass' the by-pass operations. Now, the medicine is more popular as a cure for blocked arteries and high cholesterol. Many heart patients who were diagnosed by Western doctors and recommended to undergo by-pass operations had been cured with pranajeewa. They lead normal lives today.

A student of Ven. Gnanaloka Thera and now the owner of the fully equipped former 'Veda Madura', which is now renamed as 'Sethsuwa Ayurvedic Hospital, Dr. Sujeewa Vitharana says that the medicine has the strength to dissolve cholesterol in blocked artilleries.

Dr. Sujeewa Vitharana
The Pranajeewa oil, which is very bitter, is a mixture of five varieties of oils and over 280 kinds of herb found in the forests of Sri Lanka, India and other herb producing countries. Preparation of pranajeewa is not an easy task.

Kilos of herbs containing 280 different kinds of herbs will be mixed with 600 bottles of water (each bottle contains 750ml), which is finally reduced to 75 bottles of water.

Then, the mixture will be poured in an oil base which contains five types of oil which is boiling round the clock continuously for four and half months. Does it dissolve only the blocked artilleries? "No" says Dr. Vitharana adding that it cures most of the aliments, which are acute and chronic.

"It has proven to increase good health and boost the body's natural immunity. No proven side effects. This oil made out of natural herbs have proved that it can cure diseases of the central nervous system, paralysis, epilepsy, hypertension, diabetes and its associated complications, bronchial asthma, sinusitis and some skin diseases", Dr. Vithanage says.

According to Dr. Vithanage, the oil is good for rheumatoid arthritis, hyper cholesterol, haemorrhoids, gastric ulcers and kidney diseases. Recalling names of several, including ministers and academics who are clients of this veda madura Dr. Vitharana proudly shows a small comment written by Mr. Clifford Ratwatte, the brother of the world's first woman Prime Minister Mrs. Srimavo Bandaranaike, how he escaped a by-pass surgery with pranajeewa oil.

Having suffered from a severe heart attack in 1999, Mr. Ratwatte was to undergo a by-pass surgery at a leading private hospital. But, the idea of undergoing an open-heart surgery was dropped following a request of a friend who took him to the Ven. Gnanaloka thera. The oil had helped him to say no to by-pass surgery.

The x-rays taken later had proved that he did not need an open heart surgery, it said.

Being a student of the late Dr. Waga Gnanaloka Thera, Dr. Vithanage says that the hospital provides a service than 'running behind' money. " There is no channelling fee at all.

We charge money only for medicines. Small children, patients with financial difficulties and religious dignitaries get treatment free-of-charge here", he says.

Pranajeewa oil especially prepared for cancer patients will be given free. The quality of the normal pranajeewa will be enhanced by adding herbs constantly, and the preparation cost of a 750ml bottle is Rs. 35,000. Dr. Vithanage claims that leukaemia type 1 and 2 can be completely cured with pranajeewa. He says the other acute conditions are difficult to cure but they can get a relief through pranajeewa.

"We cannot explain the quality and benefits of this medicine which was found by Dr. Ven. Gnanaloka thera. But we invite the researches to carry out a research to prove the immense benefits of this medicine", he says.
Larry | 11/27/2015 9:00 AM
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