Nature's Secret Aloe 94% Gel

Aloe Gel 94% enhances skin cell regeneration and works as a natural healer enriched with vitamins. Aloe 94% can be used for many skin care purposes.The skin remains soft and smooth after hair removal. Prevents dandruff and hair loss. Effective against skin blemishes Pimples & Acne.
Manufacturer: Nature’s Secrets
Products specifications
Manufacturer Nature's Secrets
Weight 0.200 Kg
Approval Health Canada CNF # 0279386
Package 50 ML

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 Nature's Secrets Aloe 94% Gel    

This gel consists of 94% of pure Aloe Vera, making it one of the purest aloe vera skin care products in the world. Aloe Vera enhances skin regeneration and is considered a “miracle cure”. It contains 200 bioactive substances, including vitamin B12, C & E, beta-carotene, minerals,enzymes, sugars, fatty acids and anti-inflammatory salicylic.

Recommended for :

  •          After shave
  •          After waxing and other methods of hair removal
  •          Sunburn
  •          Frostbites, minor burns, insect bites
  •          Nappy rash
  •          Pimples & Acne
  •          Dandruff

94% of this gel is fresh & pure Aloe Vera, making it one of the purest Aloe Vera skincare products. 

Post-Pregnancy Stretch Marks:

Yes, this is a problem every woman in this world faces. Stretch marks on your abdomen after pregnancy can be annoying. Get rid of this by  Aloe 94% Gel.  Use daily for best results apply Aloe 94% several times a day on cleaned skin. The Aloe 94%  helps to maintain and improve skin elasticity and gradually gets rid of the stretch marks.

Blemishes: Aloe 94 gel is the most effective treatment I have used against blemishes due to its antibacterial and ant-inflammatory properties . A few hours after you apply the gel you can already see the difference with redness and swelling reducing. Aloe vera gel is even effective against those big cystic spots, as well as the smaller ones. What I love about aloe vera gel is that as it is moisturising it doesn’t dry the skin out around the spot, so you can still apply makeup to it without it looking flaky.


Close the lid carefully and store away from sunlight. For external use only.

If it causes skin irritation or allergic reactions, rinse off and discontinue


For best results apply Aloe 94% several times a day on cleansed skin.


 is responsible for the manufacturing of Aloe 94% Gel and they take full responsibly for their claims.

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