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Acai Very Berry

As the fruit of An Wild Acai Palm Tree, the Acai berry fruit is high in ORAC value and contains powerful antioxidant properties that serve to promote cellular health, immune system function, energy enhancement, stamina and vitality. With its deep purple color, the Acai berry is being praised worldwide for its natural benefits (rich source of important antioxidant vitamins). Acai Very Berry Dietary Supplement is a simple and easy way to absorb all the goodness of the antioxidant super fruit.
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Arth Pain-Free

Codeco Arth Pain-free is the multi joint supplement that is the combination of the optimal ingredients such as Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondroitin Sulfate and MSM to provide joint support throughout the entire body.Also, it helps bring blood and joint rebuilding nutrients into the joint, it provides fast pain relief.Glucosamine and chondroitin treat the underlying basis of osteoarthritis at the cellular level.
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CAMU fruit powder provides over 100% of the recommended daily intake for vitamin C in whole food form. In addition, Acai Berry Powder which contains a strong antioxidant property was added to increase efficiency. CODECO CAMU contains no fillers or synthetic ascorbic acid.
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Codeco Chaga Mushroom

Mushrooms, a member of the kingdom Fungi, are an amazing organism, not just something that have a “fun” name. In fact, mushrooms are one of the most interesting organisms on the planet, one that live by absorbing the material they grow on. How does that work exactly? Mushrooms absorb their food by excreting special enzymes that break down complex structures into molecules that the mushrooms absorb. Pretty neat! During this process, some mushrooms gain incredible amounts of trace minerals and nutrients, something that can prove incredibly beneficial to you in the long term.
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The liver is the body’s primary detoxifying organ. It is responsible for breaking down normal biochemical compounds, toxins and pollution that we are exposed to on a daily basis. The herbs and antioxidant nutrients in Liver Health protect and support the liver so it can fully perform its unique and essential functions. A healthy liver also supports overall health and energy.
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Max Vitality is a safe and Health Canada approved comprehensive sexual enhancement supplement for promoting overall sexual wellness and daily libido.
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Inflammation and/or infection of the prostate, which can be brief or long-lasting, mild or severe, easy or difficult to treat. Symptoms can include frequent, urgent and/or painful urination, erectile problems, other urinary difficulties, or pain during ejaculation.
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Royal Jelly is a 100% natural health food product that does not contain any trace of artificial preservatives. Royal Jelly is recommended for those who are mentally and physically weak, those who experience fatigue, those who need to recover after surgery, and for those who lack protein causing weakness.
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Codeco S-LINE

Codeco S-Line is a fast acting weight loss product designed to stimulate metabolism, provide energy, and contribute to a weight loss program without the side effects of anxiety or jitters.
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OMEGAGOLD SUPPLEMENT FOR YOUR HEART, YOUR JOINTS AND YOUR BRAIN MADE PURELY FROM SEAL OIL - WITHOUT CHEMICAL REFINEMENTS Related ailments include: • Diabetes • High Triglycerides • High Blood Pressure • Thyroid Malfunction • High Cholesterol • Pancreatitis
₹ 3,199.36 ₹ 1,920.00

Xtream Green coffee Bean

Codeco “Green coffee" refers to the raw or unroasted seeds (beans) of Coffee fruits. Green coffee beans are cleaned, dried, roasted, ground, and brewed to produce coffee. Coffee contains hundreds of components, each of which may have potential and independent pharmacological effects.
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